Andres Cardenas -- Nobles Metales

Andres Cardenas's jewelry roots trace back to Bogota, Colombia, South America where he worked at a prestigious jewelry company that specialized in emeralds and emerald jewelry.  Since then, he has built his own business in the United States, where he designs and fabricates each piece of jewelry in his studio. 

 Andres's shop is Nobles Metales, and is located in Marietta, Georgia.  He specilizes in custom designed pieces and jewelry re-design, and loves working directly with clients to help create pieces special to them.


Nobles Metales is also forward thinking as a company.  They've initiated a program called the "Recycle - Reuse - Rethink" Promise.  They guarentee that the metals used in all of their pieces are made from recycled materials.

You can visit Andres's website at


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