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7 Techniques - One Ring

This ring, designed and made by Rick Hamilton, was created using several techniques. The gem was hand cut by Joe Jelks from blue chalcedony rough. The bezel was fabricated from 18k yellow gold flat wire stock. The ring shank was designed in ArtCAM, cut in wax on a milling machine, and then cast in 18k yellow gold. After this, the parts were assembled, then polished to a lovely warm finish.

Rick lives and works on Martha's Vineyard, after training and working at a Rhode Island jewelry factory, where he designed, made samples, and did white metal model-making. His work today is a mixture of custom jewelry, wholesale inventory, repairs, and model-making services for other designers and jewelers. He works in high karat gold, platinum, palladium, and a wide variety of gemstones. Rick's career is one example of a career path that can take a jeweler from corporate/factory jewelry making to independent jewelry design and  bench work.

But back to this amazing picture. So many steps go into making a beautiful piece of jewelry. This ring is a perfect example of the artisanship that goes into making something memorable and lasting.