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Jewelry Video Gallery

When you choose a career in jewelry, you choose life-long learning. Becoming a master jeweler takes years — if not decades — to achieve. So a career as a jeweler tends to appeal to people who are interested in learning something challenging, and who find that kind of learning deeply rewarding. Also, technologies for fabricating, casting, and designing metal objects continue to evolve, creating opportunities to add brand new skills. The bench jewelers we know are masters of both old world craft and new world technology.

One of the best ways to learn the myriad processes involved in making jewelry is to watch. Thanks to the internet, and a sharing community of jewelers that enjoys teaching others, there are many videos online that will teach you how to do just about anything involving jewelry production, repair, and design. We've curated some of our favorites here, and we'd love to have you share with us if you've found any videos that were particularly useful to you!