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Annealed Studio’s Classes & Workshops

 Annealed Studio in Cranford, NJ invites students and jewelers of all levels to ignite their creativity and make beautiful jewelry! 

Annealed Studios

They offer classes and workshops along with ample open studio time to practice skills learned.  Annealed Studio's equipment and tools are available for independent work in a collaborative environment. Be ready to experience the art of jewelry making hands-on from the minute you step into the studio!

Annealed Studio Jewelry

Annealed Studio’s curriculum-focused classes are carefully designed to ensure the learning of foundational skills on which to further build experience, whereas their technique-focused workshops help focus in and practice specific jewelry making techniques. “Bench Time” can be booked at the shop if you’re looking for space and tools to start creating.

There is an opening in the Metals 101 class starting January 2019 that Annealed Studio would like to offer to a young interested talent. It is a 10-week class that is offered in both the morning and at night.  Owners Tricia and Rob love working with and helping develop young talent.  They know how encouragement and positive reinforcement can make a significant difference in someone’s future.  If you’re a local student looking for the opportunity to explore a different trajectory and discover a new passion, Tricia and Rob would love to work with you!

Annealed Studio Students

You can visit their website at:

Or contact them for more information: (908) 324-4071, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.